What Is A CityTribe?

CityTribes is but one drop in a sea of new expressions of the Church which the Holy Spirit is raising up in this season of reformation. Having labored as  pastors in traditional ministry models for many years, we were greatly moved upon by the Spirit to develop a new model of discipleship that would genuinely equip believers to transform their world through the marketplace, provide a ministry alternative to the multitudes who have given up on institutional Christianity and to effectively reach out to those who are rejecting Christ due to their negative experiences with Christians.

This ministry is less a model to be followed than a grand adventure of faith – an open invitation to experience both the simplicity and profound reality of the Presence of the Living Christ, to discover divine purpose, and to depart from this life gracefully, leaving behind a legacy of blessing for all generations to come.

We invite you to join with us in this great adventure. You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

For the Glory of His Kingdom,

Rich Carey
Rodger McFarland
Founders of CityTribes

What Is A CityTribe?

CityTribes is a model of spiritual community and discipleship that brings the life-changing power of the Kingdom of God into the everyday lives of those who are seeking to know God and His ways. This model promotes freedom of expression within the liberating boundaries of what we call our “spiritual DNA” (sDNA for short). This sDNA is what defines us as a CityTribe, and thus what we desire to be foundationally present in every tribe.

The sDNA of CityTribes is expressed in the following statements:

  • We agree that Jesus is King and Lord over all.
  • We seek to live in Missional Communitas.
  • We desire a walk of Authentic Discipleship.
  • We believe in Organic Relational Government.
  • We exist to Destroy Death and Create Life.

Here is a 36 minute video presentation by founders Richard Carey and Rodger McFarland which explains our sDNA in more detail.


Why Are CityTribes Important?

It is abundantly apparent that our current church models are failing in their mission to make disciples of all men.  Our culture is rapidly become more secular, morality is in steep decline and Christianity is in serious jeopardy in the western nations.  Dramatic change at a foundational level is necessary, and this change must take place immediately or we risk losing an entire generation to the forces of spiritual darkness.

It is also a well established fact that many believers have simply given up on traditional church models. Though they love God, they are no longer meeting with other believers on a regular basis because the church has failed them. As a result their spiritual lives can be caught in a state of stagnation, and they have no established support system to fall back in times of crisis.

Yet scripture clearly teaches that we are to be in continual and meaningful spiritual relationship with others as members of the Body of Christ. If we are not genuinely plugged into a spiritual community, our God-given gifts and talents can lie dormant or remain undiscovered. This robs us, and others of the incredible joy and blessing that can only exist when we are activated into our divine purpose.

To these ends, we have formed CityTribes.

Who May Join A CityTribe?

Anyone who is sincerely seeking the will and purpose of God for their life, is willing to walk in united purpose with others of like passion and vision and is willing to make an investment of their time, talents and resources for the advancement of the Kingdom of God in the earth.

Membership is completely fluid and voluntary, and is based upon the individual’s level of commitment to and participation in the Tribe. We are spiritual families, growing together, learning together, and discovering destiny together.

Does It Cost Anything To Be Part Of A CityTribe?

Freewill offerings are received at meetings, which will be directed towards meeting organizational expenses and taking care of special needs among tribal members.  There will be additional investment for some of the educational materials that will be offered as part of our discipleship program.  It is expected that each team member will participate financially in their own discipleship process, as well as support the overall vision of CityTribes, each according to their ability.  Financial assistance may be available under certain circumstances.

When and Where Do CityTribes Meet?

Meetings are held in host homes or businesses on a particular time and place, and frequency will vary with the group. Locations are subject to change often as tribes creatively seek ways to enhance their spiritual knowledge, growth and relationship with Jesus Christ.  We also utilize technology for virtual meetings and ongoing communications.  Unlike traditional ministry models, CityTribes are not event-driven.  We are engaged in a process of purposeful living that encourages continual personal evaluation of progress and measurable results individually and corporately.  We are on a mission to transform culture and society, one heart at a time.

What Can One Expect At A CityTribe Meeting?

The foundation of this ministry model is a perpetual and non-negotiable dedication to the Great Commandments of Christ – to love God with all our heart, mind, soul and strength, and to love our neighbor as ourselves. It is our firm belief that such love has the power to bring life out of death and bring transformation to this sin-sickened world. Our mission is the Great Commision given to us by Christ – to help others become ambassadors of His love through a program of personal discipleship.

Our meeting format is informal, but with purpose. The stated goal of every meeting is:

1) To bring a measure spiritual enlightenment about the Kingdom of God from His Word (the Bible) and discover ways to make it practical to life.
2) To share one another’s joys and burdens, taking them to God in prayer and assisting one another as each is able.
3) To assist one another in the discovery of destiny and the activation of personal and spiritual gifts.
4) To seek to discover ways to make a meaningful difference in the communities in which we live.
5) To make strategic connections to the rest of the CityTribes network, sharing in the pool of combined resources and overall strategic vision of social transformation of our nation and the world.

Who Leads The CityTribe Meetings?

The servant-leaders of each Tribe have been approved by CityTribes leadership council. The qualifications for leadership are based on those set forth for overseers in the New Testament. We expect our leaders to be fully human, yet walk in a high level of spiritual and emotional maturity, exercising wisdom in their dealings with fellow tribe members.

Leaders must demonstrate a selfless desire to help care for those given to their charge, acting as spiritual fathers and mothers to spiritual sons and daughters of the faith. Their goal is to bring spiritual sons and daughters to maturity, fullness and fruitfulness in Christ by wisely utilizing the resources within the group and the CityTribes network.

Leaders  must be skilled in group dynamics and have the ability to walk in the delicate balance between control and freedom in each meeting.  They must be willing to exercise “tough love” when correction is needed in order to help a particular individual grow as well as protect the rest of the tribal family.

How Are New Groups Formed?

In order to start a group, a leader must be nominated and approved based on the criteria set forth by the CityTribes Leadership Council.  This leader must have at least 3 other people who wish to form a tribe.  This new tribe will pay an initiation fee which will include registration and the foundational training materials.  The tribe will be placed in probationary status until all tribal members have completed the foundational training sessions.  The leader can then apply for full active status and additional resources will become available to the tribe to help them define their purpose and integrate them into the global CityTribe network.

In time, each Tribe will grow in spirit and in number. New servant-leaders should arise from the ranks. Once approved by the leadership, the new leader should be sent out with a core group to develop a new Tribe. In this way, the number of Tribes will grow organically in each community and hence the expand the love of Christ and the influence of the Kingdom of God.

Do All The Tribes In The City Ever Meet Corporately?

On a regular basis, regional gatherings of all the Tribes will be held for the purpose of celebration, vision casting, and tribal cross-pollination. These meetings will be of utmost importance for all tribal leaders and leaders in training to attend.

How Can I Join A CityTribe?

Email us at contact@citytribes.org for details on where to find a Tribe, or for information on how to start your own Tribe where you are.

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